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Wishing Well Hire Sydney - Requesting Cash Gifts With Etiquette

Wedding Wishing Well Hire Sydney
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A wishing well is the graceful solution for the bride and groom who would prefer money instead of gifts for their wedding.

Deciding on a wishing well or wedding gift registry is one of the most exciting stages in your wedding planning. Like many couples, you and your partner may have lived together for some time now and you may already have all the tableware, appliances and household items. So you may feel that don't really need these items as wedding gifts.

Perhaps you have come to the conclusion that what you really need for a wedding gift is cash. However, it might feel a bit awkward to ask your guests for money… so you need a polite way to direct your guests' generosity...

Imagine there was a tasteful and eloquent way to express your preference for a monetary wedding gift… a way that was not only accepted by your guests but also appreciated by them… and you might even find that you are able get your guests excited about helping you start your life as a married couple and achieving your dreams…

Here is where a wishing well comes in…the wishing well acts as a stylish focal point, decorating your wedding setting. Accompanying your wedding invitations you can include a sincere note or poem to direct your guests generosity towards your preference for a cash gift via your wishing well... this can be done in a way that is polite and is respectful of your guests preferred choice of wedding gift.

We don't just hire out wishing wells, we include a wishing well poem so that you can introduce your wishing well with the finest etiquette. With our service you can be rest assured that your wishing well will be well received by your guests.

Imagine how exciting it would feel to open up your wedding cards after your wedding... and find yourself completely rivetted by the warmth of your guests kind words, their heartfelt wishes and loads generous cash gifts to make all your dreams come true.

Think about how incredible it would be to enjoy all the fun and adventure that comes with going on that dream holiday for your honeymoon... or using the funds from your wishing well to buy all the things that you truly want... or imagine how helpful it would be to give yourself a head start by investing the money from your wishing well for your future... nothing is more flexible than cash. With a wishing well, the choice is yours.

We have a beautiful range of wishing wells to add an extra touch of magic to your wedding setting. They are sure to impress your guests and contribute to the romantic ambience - View our wishing wells for hire in Sydney. Alternatively, please feel free to e-mail us for more details.

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