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How Wishing Wells Work

Giving money instead of gifts is a well established concept. The wishing well serves as a tasteful way to introduce your preference for monetary weddings gifts to your guests. Here is a description of how wishing wells work:

Choosing A Wishing Well: Select a wishing well that is best suited for your requirements. Some wishing wells can be small, so if you are having a larger wedding, be sure to hire a larger wishing well. Ensure that the envelope slot is the adequate length for the size of card that you expect to receive. Wishing wells are designed to look as glamorous as their setting. Choose a well that fits in with your decor and suits the "look and feel" of your wedding theme. Alternatively, you can choose a simple design and decorate the wishing well to match your theme.

Introduce The Wishing Well Concept To Your Guests: When sending out your invitations include a note mentioning that instead of a bridal registry, you will have a wishing well at your wedding. There are many tasteful and polite ways to introduce the wishing well concept to your guests. Writing a poem is a beautiful way to let your guests know that you would prefer a contribution to your wedding well instead of a gift. However, don't make the contribution to the wishing well compulsory. Indicate to your guests that if they would prefer to give a gift, they are welcome to do so. You will find that virtually all guests would prefer to contribute to your wishing well since it takes the guesswork out of shopping around for a gift for you. However, there are still those who might prefer to give a gift.

If you don't want to write a poem writing a note from the heart will work. Mention what you would like to use the cash for. Tell your guests how it will help you achieve your dream or vision let your guests know how much you would appreciate their support. It is more meaningful for guests to help you experience your dream than for them to spend their money on traditional wedding gifts such as pots, pans and tableware.

Decide On Decorations: Our wells look magnificent in their own right, however, you can choose to decorate your wishing well to add that extra fine touch. Many people choose to dress their wells up with flowers, balloons and/or ribbons. It is best to co-ordinate your decorations with your florist. This is because floral decorations need to match the floral design of your wedding, otherwise the well may look out of place. All decorations must be non-permanent.

On The Wedding Day: It is advisable ask another guest or member of the bridal party to direct guests towards the wishing well so they know where to submit there cards and contributions. If needed this person can show your guests how to deposit the card. We suggest that you place the well some where with high visibility so that all your guests can see it. Placing the well on a large table is also advisable, since some guests may bring gifts and you will need somewhere to store them for the event.

After The Wedding: Empty all the cards from your well and enjoy reading all the kind wishes from your guests. Like most couples we are sure that you will be surprised and touched by your guests generosity, kindness and support.

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