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Choosing a Bridal Gift Registry or a Wishing Well

You will come across many options when choosing a bridal gift registry. With all the choices, it may be difficult to determine which option is best for you. Below is a discussion of some of the pro's and con's of the various bridal gift registry options that are available.

Many department stores offer a bridal gift registry service. You and your partner go around the store and choose all the items that you like. These items go onto a list. When shopping around for your wedding gift your guests can go to the department store and choose an item from the list of potential weddings gifts that you and your partner preselected.

This choice of bridal gift registry service is great if you are just starting out and you need all those household items. However,the draw back is that it is not uncommon for guests to buy the cheaper items. So you may end up buying all those expensive items yourself. It is also tempting to fill the bridal gift registry list with items that you do not really need - for example, do you really need that $20 designer label spatular? The ones for $4 at discount store do the same job.

Travel agencies provide a bridal gift registry service for those who would like to take a holiday as their wedding gift. This is a great concept. It makes it convenient when planning a holiday because you will have the support of the travel agent. If you do not decide to go on that holiday, you can withdraw your money from the travel agen but you often have to still pay an admin fee which can be a couple of hundred dollars. With a travel agents bridal registry service you will end up paying more for the trip because are limited to the choices provided by the travel agent and they need to make a profit too.

With a bridal gift registry at a travel agency, you won't have the freedom to pick and choose between different offerings from the suppliers who aren't one of your travel agents wholesalers. Receiving cash gifts for your wedding provides you with more flexibility. With cash you can get more value for your travel dollar and perhaps still have some money to spend on other things that you might need.

Online cash registries can be convenient and easy for guests. However they are less personal than using a wishing well. Some older guests may not be internet savvyor less, so this choice makes it difficult for these guests to deposit your cash wedding gift. This choice does not have the same style and elegance as a wishing well. It does not provide your wedding setting with that extra fine touch that the wishing well does.

If you would like to receive cash gifts for your wedding day, we provide a range of magnificient wishing wells for hire in Sydney. We provide wishing well poems with our wishing wells, so with our service you have a complete solution for introducing your preference for a wedding cash gift with etiquette. Feel free to contact us for more details. We would be happy to assist you with all your wishing well enquiries.

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