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Different Photography Styles For Weddings

Wedding photographers have different talents. When you select a photographer make sure that their style of wedding photography is compatible with your preferences.

Llike most couples your wedding album will most likely be a story board filled with romantic shots, fun shots and candid shots.

Here is an explanation of some of this terminology:

Story Board Shots - As the name suggests, this style of photography serves to tell the story of your wedding through pictures. A single photo gives you a snapshot of a moment in time. With story board photography these snapshots are pieced together in a narrative sequence. This style of photograph is more than just putting your wedding photos in their chronological sequence. The wedding photographer needs to be skilled at capturing those special moments that contributed to the unique momentum of your wedding day. To achieve this, the photographer needs to have a keen sense of timing.

Romantic Shots - This style serves to accentuate the romantic essence of the day. To enhance the romantic ambience of your wedding photos your wedding photographer will rely on their technical skill e.g. the use of colour, angles and depth. The photographer should be able to direct the bride and groom towards the romantic poses that capture their love and admiration.  

Fun Shots - This is much the same as romantic shots except they aim to capture the sense of fun at the event. They are more lighted hearted than the romantic shots. There will be more photos of people, laughing, dancing and enjoying themselves. The photos should have radiate with vibrancy and excitement. With this style of photography you will re-live all the happy moments of your wedding for years to come.

Candid Shots - These are the natural, 'in the moment' shots. With a good sense of timing and an eye for beauty the photographer can capture the magic of the moment as it happens. Many people like these shots because the expressions are genuine. Candid shots work well as part of a story board narrative because they capture the true essence of the day.

You may want one particular style to be dominant in your wedding photo album. Discuss it with your photographer. An experienced photographer will be able to point you in the direction of some wonderful and creative ideas.


For cash rather than gifts, consider hiring one of our wedding wishing wells. Please feel free to contact us with all your enquiries.

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