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How To Avoid Common Wedding Mistakes

This serves as a discussion on how to avoid some of the most common wedding mistakes that guests often complain about.

Ensure that there isn't too much time to spare between the ceremony and reception. A long break can leave your guests restless and bored. If you urgently need to extend the period between the ceremony and reception, ensure that there is enough entertainment and food to keep your guests occupied.

Make sure that you choose an entertainer or DJ that is right for your crowd. If the entertainer plays music that your guests cannot relate too, it will dampen the ambience of the wedding. A good entertainer will connect with your crowd through the music and enhance the celebratory spirit.

Take care that the equipment is placed a good distance away from your tables. If one of your tables are placed next to a speaker, the overbearing sound will be very uncomfortable for your wedding guests.

There is nothing worse than a long, boring inaudible speeches. Make sure your wedding entertainer or venue is proficient enough with there equipment to avoid muffling, static and feedback through the microphone when making their speech. The speakers should speak clearly. A short, entertaining speech said from the heart will be a bigger hit than a long and boring monologue that no-one can hear.

Choose your table arrangements carefully, it will make all the difference to your guests. Seat people together who have similar interests, values, characters and dispositions. You guests will love your wedding that much more if they share it with a table of guests that they get along well with.

On the other hand, sharing the experience with a table of guests who they don't like can really ruin the experience. Avoid large centrepieces, this breaks up the table – people across from each other cannot communicate. Round tables are also a good idea, since they ensure that all guest are an equal distance to each other. This helps prevent subgroups from forming.

Remember to greet all your guests and share in some short conversation with everyone. Some guests will understand that you are busy and distracted, so they wont get offended if you do not reach them. However, there are those who would at least like to be greeted. After all, they have come for your special day.

Most of all, remember your thank you notes. Show your guests appreciation for their generosity and contribution towards making your day special.

When considering your bridal gift registry - remember wishing-well.com.au. If you would rather receive cash as a wedding gift, you may want to consider a wishing well for hire. It would be our pleasure to assist you with all your wishing well requirements.

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