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Resolving Relationship Conflict Through Communication

Each relationship has its own energy and a unique dynamic. There is no 'magic bullet' that will solve all your relationship challenges. Like most of life's rewards, a happy and successful relationship needs to be earned. Fulfilment in a relationship comes through hard work and dedication. Relationships grow when both parties invest themselves into conquering their challenges.

The foundation for building a fulfilling relationship lies in communication. Essentially each partner has their own specific needs. Fulfilment in a relationship occurs when both partners can fulfil each others unique needs. Communication bridges the gap between two people and allows them to find a pathway to satisfying each others needs. Here are a few tips for resolving relationship conflict through effective communication:

Active listening – Many partners may misinterpret what the other party is trying to communicate because they jump to conclusions and do not listen effectively. Clear your mind of all presumptions. Listen to every word your partner that has to say. As they are talking, empathise with them and try to understand what they are feeling.

Define the problem – You cannot reach any solutions unless you have clearly defined the problem. Use probing questions to explore the issue, your partners needs and their feelings. With basic questioning skills you can uncover what makes your partner feel bad, what makes them feel good and how to make them feel better.

Express your own needs – A relationship is a two way street and can only grow if both parties are fulfilled. Take the time to understand your own feelings and needs so that you can communicate them thoroughly to your partner. Let your partner know what you need in order to have your needs fulfilled.

Establish a solution – Agree on a solution that works for both parties. Both partners need to be happy with the solution. The solution should be achievable and should provide hope for the future. Make sure that the solution provides an adequate and thorough solution to this initial problem.

Shift the emotional state – Don't underestimate the emotional aspect to a conflict. Even though you may have a solution, your partner may still be feeling emotionally wounded. Do something to get bring out the positive feelings once again. Perhaps a creative and romantic treat can shift the emotional landscape back into a positive territory.

Implement your solution – As the relationship moves forward, make sure that you don't fall back into old habits and traps. Remember your solutions and be vigilantly implement them. If your solutions do not work in practice, then you may need to re-evaluate them with your partner.

Remember that conflict is a normal part of any relationship. Resolving challenges is a key ingredient to relationship growth.


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