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Tips for Planning Your Wedding Day

The best way to make planning your wedding day fun is to be well organised and give yourself lots of time. Do your research and shop around, you will be amazed to discover vast differences in prices and offerings. Have a system for collecting information about wedding suppliers. Perhaps it might be wise start a file where you keep business cards, quotes, referrals from friends written on scraps of paper.

Create a vision for your perfect wedding day. Having clear dream that you work to achieve will give your planning more purpose and focus. So build a dream that is achievable with your wedding budget. You may want something small and intimate. You may want something more grandiose. Decide on your wedding theme in advance. You need to have a goal before you start planning your wedding day and locking in venues, musicians, caterers etc.

It's a good idea to decide on your guest list in advance. At the very least, you will need to have an estimate of the numbers that you are expecting. This is because most wedding reception venues charge per head. So when you get quotes from venues, atleast you will have some idea of what the total cost will be.

The right venue is very important. Remember that the wedding setting will be the back drop of all your photos and videography. Choose a setting that will support your wedding theme. Many wedding reception venues offer different packages. Some will include decorations, seat covers and perhaps even a stay in a five star hotel on your wedding night. With other venues, these may be extras that you need to pay for.

A good photographer can get booked up months in advance. Its best to find a photographer or videographer early in the wedding planning so that you can be sure that he or she has the right talent to achieve what you want within your budget.

Choose your bridesmaids, groomsmen, master of ceremonies, best man, maid of honour early in the wedding day planning. They may prove to be a great support in helping you to arrange the wedding. This gives you more time for shopping around for bridesmaids dresses and suits. Give yourself plenty of time to shop around for a bridal gown. There are many beautiful styles to choose from and you may require alterations.

Allow plenty of time to take care of the finer details. This includes your invitations, speeches, table arrangements, menus, decorations, flower arrangements etc. These details are not as critical as finding a venue, but they are still important and can be quite time consuming.

You will need to plan your grand entrance to your wedding. Make sure that the key people on the day are transported to their key designations with a lot of time to spare. This leeway will relieve a lot of wedding day stress since you and your bridal party will be caught up in the moment and may lose track of time.

Decide on your gift registry, there are many choices out there including bridal registries with department stores, travel agents, online cash registries. Ofcourse, we are biased towards wishing wells because no registry will give you the same flexibility as you will get from cash. Our wishing wells serve as a tasteful way to request monetary wedding gifts.

Remember to make time to plan your wedding night and honeymoon in advance. You may want to stay in a nice hotel on your wedding night. Its worthwhile to stay somewhere fancy. A wedding happens once in a lifetime so you deserve to be treated like a king and queen. Finalise your honeymoon arrangements in advance to avoid any last minute stress.

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