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Wedding Wishing Well Wording

When introducing to your wishing well concept to your guests, it is important to get the wishing well wording correct so that your wishing well is well received by your guests. We include samples of wishing well wording that you can use to ensure that you preference for a cash gift is communicated in a polite way. For a general description on how to write your wishing well wording, please read our guide to how wishing wells work.

Demographic data shows that more and more couples live together for some time before getting married. During this time, the couple usually buys all the household items that they need. As a result, they do not need the typical gifts that most guests find on a bridal gift registry e.g. kitchenware, appliances and tableware. For this reason wishing wells have become increasingly popular.

There are differences of opinion on the etiquette of introducing the idea of a wedding cash registry. However, establishing a monetary bridal registry is no different to establishing a gift registry. Both serve as a means of channelling your guests generosity for the purposes of practicality.

In other words, we all know your guests will bring you gifts at your wedding – so isn't it in everyones best interests that they bring the gifts that would truly be meaningful to you? The practical thing is for your guests to use their generosity to buy you gifts that will actually help you when you start out your married life. It doesn't help your guests much, if they bring gifts that you don't need. Receiving a nice table set isn't very helpful when you already have one and what you really need is that lump sum of money to go on a romantic holiday or to invest so that you can build a brighter future together as a married couple.

A wishing well will provide you with a graceful way for introducing your preference for cash gifts. All you have to do is use some common sense in creating a polite way to introduce the concept.

When writing the wishing well wording for introducing your wedding well, some couples write a poem, some may choose to write a note. Don't force your guests to contribute to your wedding well. Communicate that they are most welcome to bring a gift, if that is what they prefer. However, you should explain why you have a preference for a cash gift. Your guests will understand.

The key ingredient to introducing your wishing well is sincerity. Tell your guests how much you would appreciate monetary gift and let them know what you will be using it for. Let your guests know how much the end purpose means to you. Write from the heart. Remember, your guests are your friends and family. They want the best for you, so they will be happy to help you in anyway that they can.

Here are some good examples of wedding wishing well wording:

Wedding Wishing Well Wording - By Brides of Australia.com

If you need any guidance with your wishing well wording, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to make your wishing well experience fun, easy and special. You can reach us at weddingwishingwell@gmail.com

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