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Wedding Articles

How to Plan Your Engagement Party - The engagement party is a great opportunity to share in the excitement of your proposal and up and coming wedding with all your friends and family. Good planning and preparation will ensure that your day is a big hit.
Overcoming Wedding Speech Nerves - Public speaking can be uncomfortable for many people but they provide a great way to connect with your guests and communicate your love and appreciation for your partner and new family. Here are a few tips for making your wedding speech easier.
How to Plan A Bridal Shower or Kitchen Tea - Often planned by the brides maids, the bridal shower is a fun pre-wedding celebration that gives the bride the opportunity to have some fun with her friends and family. We have tips to make your simplify your bridal shower planning.
Inviting Children To Your Wedding - Children can be adorable but do you want to invite them to your wedding? There are certain steps you can take to make the wedding more enjoyable for your guests who happen to be parents too.
Having a Beach Wedding - A beach wedding provides a magnificient wedding setting and creates the a romantic background to all your wedding photos. However, to get the most out of your beach wedding, thorough planning and preparation is advised.
Choosing a Marriage Celebrant For Your Wedding Ceremony - The right marriage celebrant will help make your wedding more meaningful for you, your partner and your guests. There are a few aspects that you might want to consider before you make your final choice.
The Wedding Wishing Well - The ancient wishing well tradition serves as a beautiful metaphor for introducing a wedding wishing well to guests. By contributing to your wishing well at your wedding your guests help turn your wish into a reality.
Tips For Cutting Your Wedding Costs - If you are finding that the costs of your wedding are ballooning our of control, you are not alone. Most weddings go over budget. Here are some tips for cutting your wedding costs.
How To Choose A Diamond For An Engagement Ring - To choose a sparkling diamond for an engagement ring that will impress your bride-to-be you need to understand "The Four C's". Diamonds are graded and valued by their cut, clarity, colour and carat.
Setting Up a Wedding Gift Regsitry - Wedding gifts are synonymous with weddings. The tradition of giving the bride and groom a wedding gift goes back to days of old. However, challenge of finding the bride and groom a wedding gift that the they will appreciate has evolved with our demographic trends.
Wedding Superstitions - Everyone wants to have a happy and successful marriage that lasts a lifetime. Learn some of the customs, traditions and superstitions that can bring the bride and groom good luck or bad luck on their wedding day.
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