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Sydney Wishing Well Hire

Terms and Conditions of Hiring a Wishing Well

Our terms and conditions are very standard and are within the norms of all other wishing well hire providers.

  1. The date, time and location of the delivery, collection and return of the wishing well will be predetermined no later than two weeks prior to the event. This helps to ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery.

  2. The hirer must receive the well upon delivery. The well cannot be delivered to a third party e.g. a wedding venue, friend or family member. Please make sure that you are available at the time of delivery, if you are unavailable the wishing well cannot be left in an unsupervised location.

  3. The wishing well hire period is three days. In other words, the well must be returned three days after you have collected it or after it is delivered. However, this can be extended with prior written consent.

  4. Whilst the wishing well is in your possession, you are completely responsible for its wellbeing. All due care must be taken to maintain the good condition of the wishing well and avoid damages. Care should be taken when transporting the wishing well. Avoid exposure to extreme weather conditions e.g. excessive sun, heat, rain and hail etc. When decorating the wishing well, please use care. The wishing well can be decorated in any non-permanent way. Use blu-tack instead of glue, tape or other cohesive substances.

  5. A fully refundable bond of $100 dollars is required to cover any damages that may occur. If the wishing well is returned without any damages, your bond will be refunded in full upon the return of the wishing well – at the conclusion of the hire period. If the wishing well is returned in a damaged condition the bond will be retained to cover our repair or replacement costs.

  6. You are responsible for any other items that might be provided with the wishing well e.g. screw drivers, locks or keys. These items must be given back to us upon the return on of the wishing well. We reserve the right to recover the loss of these items from the bond.

  7. Full payment is required upon receiving the wishing well, this includes the payment for hiring the well, delivery charges, pick up charges and the bond. If required, the charges for picking up the well after the hire period may be deducted from the bond. Payment is to be made in cash.

  8. Please note that the price of hiring the wishing well, as displayed on this website, does not include charges delivery before your event or pick up after your event. Delivery and pick up charges are quoted separately. Delivery and pick up charges vary according to your geographical location. We will provide you with a formal quote for your requirements upon receiving a completed hire form or in response to your e-mail enquiry.

  9. The wishing well must be returned with all its contents removed. Make sure that you remove all cards, money and gifts. We are not liable for any items that are left in the well upon its return.

  10. We only provide the wording for awishing well poem. It is your responsibility to design your card to introduce your wishing well concept, to print the cards and to distribute them to your guests.

For all e-mail enquiries, click here. Please feel free to browse our range of wedding wishing wells for hire.

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